West, Mirabai Avenue, A-Zone, Durgapur, West Bengal 713204

School Emblem


Our School Emblem describes the school and its natural surrounding, its values and their origins. It has various symbols engraved that provides a unique identification of the school and represents the school’s history, culture, tradition and the vision of the Founders.


As followers of Christ  we believe in Service  as Jesus  said that, “He had come to serve and not to be served.” we recognize that parents are most accountable before God for the nature of their children in the ways of the hold. Thus, the school  is in service to see itself as an extension of the home and believes that home and school are partners in helping students to grow in discipleship , establishing relationships and living in obedience  to God’s Word.

The Cross exemplifies the Sacrifice and love of Jesus Christ. It is our endeavour to produce proactive individuals of the nation, always ready to sacrifice and serve with an open heart and a smile on their face with humility and love.

Lotus our National flower, in the middle of the cross indicates Purity of thought, Purity of Mind and Purity of Action and the friendship and trust among pupils, teachers and the school community.

Books symbolize knowledge, ‘In knowledge lies the strength’ The school strongly believes that knowledge provides strength  and ability to achieve the goals of life especially to the downtrodden and underprivileged .

Durgapur has a whole array of manufacturing industries and Industry reflects the principle of “Progress in Harmony” that, staff and the community work together to provide the best possible opportunities for all students to develop and progress to their potential.

The river indicates River Damodar which flows through the city of Durgapur and is the life line to the farming community and the industries. Symbolically, a river represents the flow of time. It symbolizes the natural flow of Nature along with all of her cycles, transitions, transformations and passageways. It is a joy to watch the gradual transformation of our students from a shy and timid child to a happy, useful, self-supporting  citizen of India.

 The Laurel leaves is  a symbol of eternal glory, of special achievement, success and triumph. In the Bible, it is also an emblem of peace, prosperity and fame. St. Peter's has withstood the hard times and has come out victorious and completed 62 years in the field of Education surpassing the period of turmoil and conflict and is “ Timeless and Powerful, Regal and Enduring.